The main source of inspiration for estrablishing "Sarafraz College of Education" has been late Mr. Mirza Ghulam Hassan Beg Arif popularly known as Mirza Arif. Mirza Arif a scientist, a philosopher, a theologist a social reformer, emancipated scholar, a versatile writer and a poet of kashmiri.

 At the age of mere 11 years he compiled his poem and since 1938 compiled poems in urdu, kashmiri and persian. He was the first writer to start a monthly journal "Gulzar" in kashmiri and urdu. He is regarded as one of the founding fathers of radio kashmir. In 2000 he was awarded as honour of Mirza Arif the architect of language and literature. He also served as member of  Sahitya Academy, authored number of books and had the distinction of being a member language committee of india to evolve the present language Hindi.He has also worked for the upliftment of  downtrodden sections of the society.